White Laundry


Architecture as time frames. Surreal skies. Images of birds, hearts, pain, tears and houses. Black markers sketching. Faded colors and lights turned off. A series of canvases with little photographs and film stills thrown and scattered on top of them. pillows everywhere. Spoons of honey and slippery water. It all makes sense. You just need to acknowledge it correctly. Violet clouds. flying pages everywhere. What is there more to be said or seen? Expect nothing to be explained to you. Settle and Be.

It sounded like music. But can you see music? Would you just stay. I will open the curtains and let the light come in to you. This is real. I am real not fake. Be present to me. And if you decide to go. Go but set me free before you leave. Give me a chance to see the air and smell the sun again. sprinkle sugar on top of me like a dream. Lying on the grass, trying to open my eyes but the sun won’t allow me to. You are too bright and too much to handle. This is the afterlife. We have lived before.

Photo: From Granada, Apartment building.


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