Blue Smiles

I didn’t mean to underestimate you,” you said. But you did. Tag and you’re it! It is this setting we live in that crowds my thoughts of you.

I can still see you though.

You are breathing when you shouldn’t be. I have the fan on and it all seems fine.

You are a man of your word but you didn’t keep it this time. Sentences used to mean much. Photos we take of places and moments are criticized of being meaningless.

Still moments are Life itself.

The pleasure was mine to have known you, and even smiling at you. You deserved the smile that I drew on my lips.

Or did you draw it?

If you come here, I’ll spend a day with you, just us two. and if the moon is full I might turn into something you never thought of having. it is that time of the year, you know, when it all turns blue, cold and happy.

Drop the glass that you’re holding and let it break just like everything else. Galleries of broken glass. Of moons, and blue smiles.

Photo from Barcelona.


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