I once walked this street

IMG_20130803_195459I would always try to look busy with something,

I think it takes a lot off ones mind.

I like the look and i think it suites me very well.

It was one day.

I sat down and wrote this in my sketch book.

And not wanting to distract myself from the city,

I waited till i sat somewhere to get coffee to write this down.

from 15-3-2014:

He took everything I thought I had

He left me with what we call nothing

But I don’t mind nothing. It can be different.

It teaches you how to grow and be alone

and how to go on your own.

An Imaginary somebody, a body of hollowness

a hollow, empty, translucent tree

Standing on a corner in the street.

The traffic light goes green

I move my leaves and smile to the wind.

Ripped with sorrow regret.

I am standing though.

I am myself

I am the tree.


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