Latching on to something.


This is meaningless. It isn’t right to get attached to moments. Good ones or bad ones, they all pass, they keep you in a state of mind that no longer exists. A world of fiction. Is that the point? What if the time stopped and everything went back to how it was.. Now what? What if .. Who gives a pretty F*^% what scenes even mean? Keep on creating these images in your head. A ‘scene’; a content; a context in my thoughts. It could be Art, but am I referring to art} wondering; why is the start point/finishing line so far away from where I stand. Hands tied behind my back; eyes shut.. I am my own reason of shame and regret. Soulless; I blame not you, not myself. I know. I need. I hope. I’m not ruining what is left of my days on you. Relief.


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