Cigarettes and a traffic light


This was long before I knew you, I promise.

He took a knife from my hand, hid it so I wouldn’t cut myself.

the Stitches were temporary but the pain sure wasn’t.

I intended to provide you with everything

I manipulated you; your money and bones

I owned you for a little something of a time.

I woke the dog up with all the screaming and breathing

You held my hand so I wouldn’t wonder

What it felt like to be part of you.

Storms unstrung a sunny day

Meters increased.. time shifted..

I could smell the metal hanging from your neck,

the ink inside your veins, and

the smoke in your breath.

I’m hesitating whether I should remember you still or..

It all seems so blurry

It is Blurry, all I see is light

Red light.


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