Eye liner.


Late hours, poisoned apples, coffee for breakfast.

Green eyeliner and red lipstick.

Stones so heavy, they pull me down.. Drowning in an ocean.

I am standing here full of filth and anti depressant pills.

Listening to the words coming out of your mouth

Or the words you type and send to me in texts.

Who are you? I don’t know you

I follow you though; I walk through cold and fire

I let my guard down for you.

I carry so much; it is becoming so heavy to keep holding on to

Do you even recognize me now?

I don’t know you and you don’t know me.

But I feel like you do! You knew me once.

I’m lying about the facts. I’m over dosing because of you.

I’ve emptied out my pockets. I’m all yours tonight.

I come in peace and shame.

Ease my pain, would you? I’m giving up on you; you’ve had a taste of it all.

Satisfaction, lust; hope is dead. I’m just thinking about that day; it seemed like I kissed a moon

I fell in love with you.

Whisper something in my ear.

It doesn’t move any of me.

I stand here so still that you think I’m dead

I’m a form of leftovers.

I stare at a star till it falls and breaks into a million little stars in front of me.

If I can’t make you love me then what am I doing here?

You know I want this and need it too

Photo: IN TRANSFERENCE – Jaka Bulc


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