The television is broken today.

It is because of you that words don’t mean anything.

I used to exist and be. Straight lines scared me.

But now, I’m scared inside, out.

Leave me alone. I’m forming something I call intelligence. Yes, I can create it. It will drive us into questioning ourselves and this enigmatic reality and our identities. I will choose to play a game with you. I’ll even let you win.

Time is playing us both. Leaving us breathless. “Everything was sleeping as if the universe were a mistake”.

Still water, A mirror? I move as if I am not.

I will exist here for a little bit. Daydreaming of you, thinking that we’ve worked out.

Highlighting shades of bodies. Rewriting lives and stories.

I like the sky tonight. I like the sound of nothingness in the air.

I’m re-positioningĀ the clouds; projecting them into my self, soul, and mind.

Allowing you to carry me forward. This is the zone we’ve reached and the simplified matter and state that we’ve found.

Space won’t open up for you, but I will.


Photo: Eclipse, red. Nick Van Woert


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