It sounded like rain.. It looked like rain and it smelled like it. This was a theme to a song that I knew, or thought I did. A storm theme to a life full of long days. There were white sheets on the bed that started to get dirty. There were two glasses on the table. The air felt so warm and wet. Heavy. I saw rivers in the mirror when I looked to my left. I looked at the streets while I sat in the cloud. This is where I made it home; your soul and this cloud. I wore a black dress and drew infinite lines. I painted everything I could in black. You asked me to stop, and I asked: “stop what?” I ran to solve the puzzle, but I couldn’t help but look back at you. I broke the glass; “It is only water” Don’t yell at me now! I’ll fix it. I’ll fix everything. I’ll ask the sky to rain some more. I’ll strip out of my black dress and let the cool light wind in. I’ll lay down next to you and listen to the song that you wrote me. I’ll tell you that I like it. I’m looking back at myself in the mirror till it turns black and I can’t see anymore. It takes me to a sea full of trees. Extremely high and tall. And dreadfully deep and dark. You sit up straight. Stand up. Walk away. I go to sleep wishing I didn’t come down from the clouds.


Photo: ‘The Visit’ © Lilli Waters 2013


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