Walking in circles, driving in straight lines.

The image of nails growing so fast is running through my head. Thinking of the clouds today. Lost in the sky for a day. This is the best I know. This is all I know. You looked guilty. You smoked. I smoked. And we both looked guilty.

This is where I start to walk in a straight line. At night I fear. I desire. I need the fuel to draw a new destiny with a goal.

The air is fragile and hollow. No, it won’t break if you touch it. Thinner than shells. Solid? What could I have done? It sounded like the sea and smelled like fresh cut grass.The day is done. I am gone. This is just me adjusting adjustments.

Hypnotized by jewels and memories. Irritated by sounds of shame and photos of happy ashes. Letting the fire inside. It did ask for permission. It was cold and fire unfolded this sphere of halo surrounding us with confusion. Shivering even, that is how cold it was. I’m waking up from a nap. I’m asking to be hypnotized for a day until it hurts and it all has passed.

Collage by SERRAH RUSSELL http://www.serrahrussell.com/


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