Milk n’ Smoke

I’ll un-tie the knot for you. I will rewind all of this, re-wind. Maybe even let the wind in and let it touch you the way you touched me. It touched us both.

Let us highlight the skies to guide us through this alley. I’m taking a step towards you, jumping high and skipping/ tripping but you take a step back reaching out to the sky thinking that you could touch the light tonight. I warned you about this, all of this. You might even get burned if you keep on trying. We both let the smoke in and out of our bodies. The air seemed to like this swaying movement. I opened the fridge looking for a drink; milk. I kept on drinking until it wouldn’t go down anymore. Flashing lights on both sides of the road, leading us to our destiny? This is an illusion, a game of the mind. Lets end this on a cliff. If you jump, I jump. Don’t jump and just come back towards me. Latch on to me instead of reaching to the light in the sky. Hold on to me instead of trying to catch the smoke. This is irrelevant; I won’t die unless I’m smiling for you. It was pointless. But there seemed to be a point walking into that shop and ordering that cup of coffee this morning. I should walk back to your place, embrace your touch with a touch and then let go of you for ever. I’ll slip, trip, and keep on tripping away, away far from you.


Photo: Personal work. Man Down; mixed media. 30*30 cm


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