I can’t remember your voice!


To be or not to be.. We are whores for sale in a world that is no longer ours. I sit in darkness and let the light be. I’ll be if you’ll be. I let my shadow rest in a black room. It will thank me later. I collage-d eyes to a face that is not yours. I smoke the jealousy and hate out of me. A million words run through my mind but still i’ll say nothing. I live in a zoo with humans in cages. I escape this world in my dreams to find myself in a cage trapped without you. Only this seems to be the issue. Red sauce and spaghetti; this is life. A fork-full of it. Hangovers off conversations, empty words and mouths. I protected myself from your words. You are a tattooed letter on my wrist. But i resist and resist.. You are still what keeps me up at night.


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