White as a Cloud


Come closer and I’ll buy us tickets to the sun. Why is it that theoretically we are able to act as we desire but enigmatically we are stuck in our own state of mind? We let ourselves rip each other apart. And we allow our mind to act as a heart. I chose to live in circles..

You say you need me and I say I need you more. Where does it all end? Where is the finishing line? If there is one.

How do I get you out of your world and how do you get me out of mine? How do we allow ourselves to grow?

It is a [circle].

Wake me up from the nightmare that haunts me. Help me escape this land of shame. Help me rise and Be. I am the problem with the world but I could be [a] solution. Give me something to latch on to. Pull me out of the water. Hopelessly, I still remember you.

For seconds I’ve reached skies but only to fall harder. Lets talk. Tell me your fears and I’ll tell you mine.

A golden spoon once said it all but who cares now? It is only gold, only metal.

What once was a shooting star, now lies to the world. [it] smiles and laughs while chasing ants down the street.

Turn the radio up and let us listen to the wind.

Open the curtains and let some sunshine into your soul. You thought i’d take you to the sun! I will.

But wait.

know that I’m trying. Now i come and beg you to breath. The tide is high with pools of thunderstorms and clear stones. What used to stand as a tree is now inside of me growing and growing.

Give it a Location.

Give it space [a room].

Give it up.

Photo: the Photobooth at The Andy Warhol Museum. Pittsburgh, PA [2013]


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