You have so many words to say but yet, you are still running out of them. Letters seem significant but sounds are what matter. I’ve handled someone like you before. Gently, I would take hold of him. I served him till I lost him and found him again.

We fought until we were so weak. I needed just one word to walk away. We knew nothing about each other’s pasts. We felt lost in each other’s eyes. I just looked across the street and there you were. Little and light drops in the air fell down from a cloud and set on the palm of our hands. And we got lost. I ran to take shelter. That was the last of us. You got it all wrong. You wanted somebody else. My home was not your home. Let’s run and be ghosts now. Let’s air this room.

Lets jump higher..

Traces of sun are still evident, we could touch it if we needed to.. Do we?

For the sake of your heart and soul, open up. I’d help if I could. Running back and forth; fighting my way through layers and layers of lyrics and dusk clouds. Horizons expanding to hug us but you won’t let them. The city loved us. But I can be a ghost now with the memory of another day. I’m done trying to empress. I’m here to exist. Run your fingers through my hair and kiss me good bye. Free me from yourself. Free me from this.

Photo: shadow of myself on a painting in progress.


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