I miss you most when the sun is out. The gap between my head and neck, the line down from my lips to my chests misses you. Let me guide you through myself and draw the line where it should be drawn. I promise to be patient and wait for every light in this night to be out for only us. Lights shine so bright to blind you from seeing this. It feels like the stars are out for us tonight.

You sip on your lemonade while I count the mint leaves in your drink till you’re done with it and you are done with me. The air brings music to our ears and your warmth should bring comfort to my soul and body. Let us drive around this city till we don’t have to go home anymore. Let us walk until we burn to flames and till it hurts to be near each other. It begins and never ends..

What if I put it all together; the walls, and create a space for us two to exist in.. Would you want that? Should I let you decay? I am ready for whatever this is. I am ready for you. I would laugh if I could.. I’d be happy if it was possible. I’d explain it in numbers to people If you’d let me. Let me. Instead of listening to the music I wash my hands in the wind. I escape the thought and fact of having guts to let it all out. I let you out. Let us separate what matters from this nonsense. And let it end and fall like broken pieces of glass into the roads to heaven. Roll the windows down and breathe me in. Breathe me.

Photo. Work in progress. Woman. Acrylic on canvas.


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