an Explosion of thoughts


Let’s live in Paris. Let us live in Morocco or New York.. Does it matter? What if we just live here.. It should not matter. As long as you are far, far away from me. Come as you are and leave me as I am. Share with me everything but only to take it all back. Have you not learned that I am fragil? Have you not noticed that I give and need to gain to balance my soul inside. Locate yourself close to me only if you plan to stay. Change for me and expect me to differ every minute. I fear from distance. As you might miss me but you might also forget me. I’ll put on my high heels and walk in your direction. I might trip and fall on the pavement, bleed but smile at your pretty sad face. Help me up. Give me a hand, a heart, and a self. I need you to be there but I don’t. I am tired of holding on to a memory that no longer holds on to me. I am allowed to be selfish. You disolve. This is what I call Love. This is what Love has become. I demand you to make me happy for a whole day. Stop whatever it is you are doing and make me happy. Or just step away and let me at least try. Let me step down and jump in the ocean. Let me wash away all my fears before the sun comes out and burns us both. Let me wear black forever. Let me let myself advance in this game of loving you more than the fact that you know I exist. Let me be. 

Let me be. As I am a tired old soul trapped in a body of a 27 year-old. I am loyal to a photograph of you that might never be developed. Just stop this and allow me to fall for you. Let me be myself without being scared of your judgment. 

This hurts. Stop.

Photo credit: New York in my mind by DarkSaiF on DeviantArt


3 thoughts on “an Explosion of thoughts

  1. Salut Nida,

    thank you very much 😊

    I’d like to “reblog” some selections of your beautiful art occasionally and keep you featured on my blog — I really love your works and would like to help to introduce them to even more appreciative people!

    Please let me know in case you may not be comfortable with that. Thank you!

    Fondest regards, Micah

    Liked by 1 person

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