Olive Green


She packed her stuff and left
She hoped to never return
She gave herself to the wind like people did until she lost it all. Stars reflected off her dark eyes. She had so much love for this world yesterday. She hoped it would love her back. So naive.. She tried to run from everywhere she’s been to and everything she had done. Knock on her door and leave her flowers if you want. She would smile at you. She always does. She always felt empty until that day she got on the bus.. That is the day she left everything behind. It took her far away from everyone she thought she knew. She drew new faces and tried to erase the ones she knew. She opened her sketch book and kept on drawing hoping to fall over the edge and ease the pain.

She didn’t know better. No one told her that life doesn’t work that way.

It is constant. The feeling and the notion of falling in and out. Clouds could hug you but they’d also let go of you in a second. I have a home in a cloud somewhere and it has olive trees in its backyard. I have taken you there once. I take in a breath after another wishing you’ll be the next. Oh how i have so much to tell you and so many thoughts to make up for what has ever gone wrong in this time of previous existence of mine? First thing is first.. i need to find you. The thought is constant and the feeling is too.

It starts raining all of a sudden. “What will happen to my house and the garden?” She continues to ask herself. He told her that the coffee was burned. Would you take your shoes off and dance with me in the rain? That’s my proposal to you. Spin me around and then let go of me. And maybe, just maybe you won’t turn into an ant and I into a bird. I’ll sing my own lyrics to this foreign melody and I’ll call it a day. It was time to go up to my cloud. I kiss you goodbye while I dip these bread crumbs in olive oil and eat them with a spoon.

She walked between walls; through allies. She starred at windows and balconies. It seemed fine and she even looked happy. She missed him. She watched the birds fly off rooftops wishing she could latch on to one of them. Her mind was clouded but she looked down at the clouds underneath her as she flew higher and higher in the thin sky. She knew that she would come down from there one day. It didn’t matter to her. The sun was out and she kept on walking up and down the streets. They took her to places she had missed and others that she had known and lived in in a different storyline of hers.

Maybe what she needed was a lighthouse to guide you to her harbor. And maybe it would have helped if anyone she knew was there waiting. I remember the lake i have jumped into as a child. Gladly, I came out when the day was summer. I’d play for hours on its shores. It was too early for me but the early morning light was what descended upon this cloudy city of yours. Grey dove wings.. It was embracing. Every bit of it. I’ve mistaken the skies for a sea as I laid on the pavement of this street. The smell of coffee woke me up. You stood just over my knees and around me with wide open legs. I rested my head from the fall but it wasn’t enough. You had to give me your hand and help me up. You gave me what I’ve asked for. A glimpse of hope for a new day. I stand up and ask you for another day. A different one. One that you’re in. I don’t mind where you rest your head tonight.

Basically, I wish upon a feather that you’d love me.


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