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Who killed the Humans?

It has been happening on this piece of land for a while now.

It seems as if death traps have been planted everywhere.

No one was special. They just knew that we had beauty in our eyes.

We have been preventing the facts about this situation and the reasons behind this desire.

Characters of humans dance to pointless rhythms. Everyone has to die alone. The knowledge of this gives us hope and encourages our existence. It helps us establish new golden anniversaries. “I had the good fortune to know a philosopher, who was my teacher.”

The land of wicked will remain untouched as for my body and soul.. I thought of creating new spaces. I reflected off surfaces of water. Today I stood still but only to fall. I will cause stones to be in order now. I become the stone and let go of my given inherent self. Shadows of mountains are the same as shadows of people, only bigger. I needed a space to call my home. And I needed you to exist and be. What is the reason I have lost my mind for? What is hope if I have lost you? I describe a place that I have never stood in. I touch walls that I have never seen. I smell streets that I’ve never walked. This is a phenomenon of dislocation. “To be true, means to be creatively thought.” You are repeatedly formed by predictions of my thoughts. You are the reason I feel sympathy for myself.

I needed you to look into my eyes. I hoped you would see through me and know what you have done and created. You created a monster. You killed a human.



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