Blue Strawberries

I found a way to tell you that I loved you. I had a golden heart. Everything changed and has become rational. No this isn’t easy. From dust to mud. Inhaling carbon. Creating a noise out of music. Pouring Gasoline over the fire. Speaking so loud to a point where we can’t hear anything anymore. Ripping your own shirt off your body. I’ve been trying to see through the noise. Fun, fun, fun.. Automated smiles. Animated theories jumping off the exquisite love songs. I don’t want to tell you about this. You don’t need to know about last week.

I have been supported through a war. I have evidence of a time travelling experience that I’ve lived. A love machine exists. A long time ago, we didn’t know that we needed our bodies. We played hide and .. But never seek. I am a screwed manipulation of a fact that used to be known to everyone. We found out the truth about a nightmare and a fantasy. We loved the taste that it left on our lips and skin. She used to be liquid and she used liquid to launch through time.

I will never let go of your hand in this ocean of cathedrals.

The air was warm and the angels continued to fly. I hear summer bells from the year 1890. I have color in my cheeks. I watched an illegal film of devils making love to angels. Nothing seemed real. I know. I will crawl back to you. Sirens so scary filling the air, kissing my neck. I hoped that you would stay. I’m burying a tower of hopes and wishes. No, you didn’t need to know who I was. I met the stars while trying to run away from what you were saying. When love fails, the story of truth unfold. This is where I go back to praying to trees and to smoking the night.

Photo by Alina Negoita.

Photo by Alina Negoita.


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