My work ‘Body and Product’ is among THE BENETTON PROJECT 2015 VENICE BIENNALE


During the recent Venice Biennale Luciano Benetton, of the fashion brand Benetton, unveiled Imago Mundi, an exhibition of more than 200 works by Aboriginal artists.  The works, which were exhibited at the Fondazione Querini Stampalia included more than 1,000 postcard-sized works that the fashion leader has collected on his travels around the world. What began as a vague concept has grown into an initiative to “unite the diversities of our world in the name of a common artistic experience,” and to create a “map of artists around the world, similar to Carl Linnaeus’ classification of plants in the 18th c,” Benetton explained.  His aim is to regroup 10,000 artists from 50 countries in 2015. Alastair Whitton’s artwork entitled Painting 1658 – 2013 was recently selected to be part of the African Series for 2015.

In association with the 55th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia, the Querini Stampalia Foundation presents Imago Mundi, an exhibition of works from the Luciano Benetton Collection. The exhibition and Collection is comprised of over 1,000 works of art commissioned and collected by Luciano Benetton on his travels around the world since 2008: Established and emerging artists from various countries over five continents have been engaged to create artwork for the Collection, whose only limitation is the 10 x 12 cm format on which all of the works appear. A traveling exhibition, Imago Mundi’s first presentation will be as an official collateral event of the Venice Biennale. From 28 August to 27 October 2013, collections from Australia (Aboriginal art), India, Japan, South Korea and the United States will be presented to the public. More than 200 artworks from each country, grouped according to nationality, regions and continents, will be included in the exhibition.

THE NEW ART includes collections from more than 40 nations and native peoples representing the five continents: 10×12 cm artworks by 6930 artists. Island of San Giorgio Maggiore. Foto ©Fondazione Giorgio Cini Collections in this Exhibition: Afghanistan Algeria: More or Less – Brazil – Bulgaria: Save the Dreams – Bushmen from Kalahari – Caribbean: Together Apart – Colombia – Croatia – CubaDentro – Denmark: Constructions – Germany mon amour – Greece: Traces of Today – Hungary – Iran: – Israel: One – Praestigium I – Praestigium II – Jordan – Latvia: Wow – Mexico: The Future is Unwritten – Nigeria: Roots – North American Indigenous Artists – North Korea: A Unique Country – Ojo Andino – Organix – Painting the Dreaming (Aboriginal Artists) – Philippines – Saudi Arabia – South Africa: 10×12@Sa – Syria – Spain: Identity/Modernity – Sweden – Switzerland – Thailandia: Spiritual & Material – Tibet – Tunisia: Turbulences – Uganda/Rwanda/Burundi – Vienne for Art’s Sake –

This is so exciting. I’ve been to the Biennale in 2010 and I never thought that I’d have anything ever associated with it. How great is this?!


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