The Darkest Sea


She swore that I wouldn’t love again
She listened to my old records

“I’ve fallen again”, her coma outlined and traced my long hair..

My hair was strawberry blond
I didn’t feel like falling
It was a wasted summer
I held on to nothing and
I tried to remember what it smelled like
sitting under the stars

I saw what it meant to him
I drew a passage that only birds were allowed
to fly through

It was an Alice in Wonderland kind of story
This time my heart was shaped like a box
It wasn’t going to open up to anyone
You’d leave it laying there on the sand and
it would drift away into the ocean

The sun would rise and the solar flare would surrender to the halo we had.

It shaked our hands and dropped us into a big glass of sea water..

We were sun bleached
We knew nothing of this planet
We looked for an exit
We tried to get home
I faded into your thoughts
I no longer existed
This is where I turn my back on everything that is real. This is where your thoughts escape you and your mind is lost
I fell asleep and it felt like nothing could
wake me up
I think I used to know the lyrics to the
song that was playing

Somebody pick me up now..


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