“Higher, higher..”


We might be condemned

We insist to keep on particularizing elsewhere for answers

A question of a Golden Age

Having lost what you’ve once

Searched the globe for

Presented in a Space of Lucid Dreams..

A space outside of languages.

Be seductive or destructive

A world of words waiting to be read

Already sketching and waiting for a new story

A fairy tale to write about

A sketchy anticipation of thoughts

A conclusion or an argument to start

I am day dreaming about you..

“Too late for the Gods and too early for Being,” it is the time

Where it all is..

Would I have the same memories if I died today?

If I was reborn? Would you have them of me?

The past and the future

For the last hundreds of years

I’ve been living in Now only to find you again

Within the hills that carried you so high

God called you and suddenly,

You felt so lucky.. Yelling “Higher, higher..”

We spoke different languages as if we were

Created by different Gods on two different days

You are an isolated hero carrying a tune from heaven

You played music that was photographed by me

You can’t see me..


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