An Unapologetic Dance

She found a way to dance far away from everyone. She thought she controlled the movement of the earth with her own moves. She would sleep under the clouds and move her hand in every direction thinking that she was creating a hurricane somewhere on this planet. She believed that the waves in the ocean were a reaction to her standing up.

People crossed by and thought she was a crazy but beautiful creature. As they looked into her eyes they became familiar with this game she was playing. It became clear she was creating walls that contained no holes except for one in its ceiling like a Pantheon standing strong against all formats of tragedies.

Crowds stayed around her thinking she was good fortune. They believed that she would change their fate. They knew nothing about her past or future and they did not care. She found her way home in their looks and their bodies. She asked nothing of them but to leave her alone and to watch in silence.

She bowed to the audience every other hour. She was the cause waiting for a wild affect to define her existence just as everyone else’s. The only time she would speak was when rain drops fell on her face. It sounded like drums playing in the background. Whenever this phenomenon took place, you would fall in love with her and with everything her eyes touched.

She lost her balance as she danced in the rain.. You could hear the heavy breaths of the people who watched her frightened thinking she was hurt. She gathered herself and stood tall like a column gesturing ‘stop’ with her hand. She smiled and continued to vanish into their eyes. She whispered into a concerned man’s ear “The pain is never permanent.”


Personal work, A Picasso Woman 29.7×40 cm.




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