Drifting Out


Sirens called you endlessly in the pouring rain. On an Island that looked like a place I have dreamed about a long time ago. A place where I planted coriander on the sides of a pathway. We sat on the edge of the end of the world while the day faded into another.. The sun set and it was all okay. The birds have become quiet and the sky has turned into a clear dark purple. I tilted my neck to the back so I could see more of it but the weight has become unbearable. My hair fell to the lower bone of my back. It didn’t rain that day so we traveled miles away.. It seemed as far as Morocco but it wasn’t.

This life knows that it has done us no good. I’ll still kiss you goodbye when it is time. I let the wind take me places and I forgot all reasons and I knew you guided the way. I was lifted.. I used you as a guide to my darkest dream. It is water under the bridge and you’re holding a lion’s heart in your hands now. The time has come and you’ll be here only if I shut my eyes. And only if I let my mind go absent and I myself turn into a cold memory.

When music became your voice and not a heartbeat playing in the background of your living, that is when you found me. It is only a masterpiece of God’s making.. We have been played with for so long and I now find no relief. This fascination with circles and triangles must end and be done soon. Smoke trails will lead you to a portrait which lays now beside me. You’ll read my face as every cell in my body yells: “you don’t even know who he is!”

We deserved chances to uncover.. I gave myself to the darkness of that night. I have unfolded on that chair on the balcony. I have let gold slide down my throat and it meant nothing and changed nothing. Oh, but we get what we deserve.. A pinch of salt and some chili pepper.. Nodding by the bed, looking over the sorrows of our choosing.. I didn’t belong there but I was no one else’s.


Photos: Villa Savoye. Poissy, France. May 2016.

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